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Information Disclosure - DFVN-FIX
Report of Change in Net Asset Value- Week 09/2021-DFVN Fixed Income Fund (DFVN-FIX) 03/03/2021
Notice of the record date for the list of investors attending the Extraordinary General Meeting - DFVN Fixed income Fund 26/02/2021
To rectify the deviation of investment portfolio for open-ended fund for the reason that the Fund has been licensed for incorporation in accordance with Point d Section 5 Article 35 Circular 98/2020/TT-BTC dated 16th November 2020 guiding the operation an 25/02/2021
Report of Change in Net Asset Value- Week 08/2021-DFVN Fixed Income Fund (DFVN-FIX) 24/02/2021
Announcement of the first trading date and effective date of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of DFVN Fixed Income Fund (DFVN-FIX) 18/02/2021
Report of Change in Net Asset Value- Week 06/2021-DFVN Fixed Income Fund (DFVN-FIX) 17/02/2021